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1. Russian department (work with WebMoney and PayPal). Department chief (Admin) is Olga, Transact automation tool passport WMID 800811812711. PayPal: Admin2 Andrey.

2. US department. Chieves of the department is Admin9 Dmitriy (OH).


Why you should trust us:

1. We are certificated by WebMoney system, moreover, we are one of the few services that is certified as a Transact automation tool, you can see for yourself:

2. We have signed the contract with WebMoney Transfer, and Arbitration WebMoney as the supervisor, has the right to access in our archive of Requests for audit and revision.

3. You can find us in WM-TOP, in which we are one of most known users of system:

4. We have the high and constantly growing index of business activity WebMoney (business level) BL =

5. We are working since October 2005, and for this time we haven’t received any claim in the attestative list.

6. Many forums and sites writing about us, and we have no our clients' negative response elsewhere. You can check it and read topics about us in any searching site of exwp.com или exwp.org type.

7. We are opened for dialogue - all our coordinates are laid out. The GuestBook from which we don't removed any remark, even the most critical (at moderation deleting spam only) is avaiable.

8. And at last, it is more favorable to us to earn money by a fair exchange, than to deceive users, because after the first deceived client the further activity of exchange service will be impossible.


If you have remained happy with work of our service, you can leave the response on page of our WebMoney certificate.

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