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1. How to acquire the WebMoney purse? Go into WebMoney site, get into Your computer the installation archive of the client program WM Keeper Classic (free of charge) and then follow instructions which would appcar on your screen during the installation. After Your registaring in the WebMoney system you will be given your unique WM identificator (WMID) and you can made purses. Main four: WMR (in roubles), WMZ (in US dollars), WM (in euro) and WMU (in Ukrainian grivna).

2. I have the certificate of a pseudonym. How to receive the certificate of higher level? Where to place on site WebMoney scanned copy pages of my passport? Replace the type the certificate with higher you can in the Control panel the certificate, in the same place in this page to place scanned copy documents. Their check proceeds two days usually.

3. How to set money on Your WebMoney purse? Where it possible to buy the WebMoney cards paid in advance? The WebMoney points are opened in the all regions of Russia, the CIS countries and the main cities of the outside countries, You can set the money in Your purse as well as buy the WebMoney cards (without opening the purse) there.

4. How to change any other electronic funds such as Yandex-money into WebMoney (or vice versa)? There are much of change points which are carrying out such an operations.

5. How to change the money which are setting an my WME euro purse into WMZ dollar purse You require? You must choose 3rd icon "Change WMR-WMZ-WME-WMU" in Your account on WebMoney and then follow the instructions.

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